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Men’s Down Winter Jackets Perfect for Winter in Canada

Men’s Down Winter Jackets Perfect for Winter in Canada
Whether it is walking the dog, taking the kids to the park or commuting home from work, men in Canada shouldn’t compromise on style when choosing the best men’s winter down jackets. Winter in Canada is notorious around the world. With heavy snow fall, blustery winds and frigid temperatures, it is important to invest in the right jacket. Men often choose between the down-filled parka or down winter jackets for warmth and style. Parkas are knee-length and cover more of the body, protecting against wind. Jackets offer a better of range of motion and come down to the waist. The shorter style doesn’t have to compromise on warmth with the best men’s down winter jackets. Canada has top online retailers that offer Canadian-made outerwear. Who better to create winter outerwear for men, women and children from coast to coast than those in the know? 

Why Duck or Goose Down?

There are many luxury winter jackets available for men in Canada. Luxury jackets may come with a high price tag, but some do not offer natural goose or duck down filler. Synthetic fibres while more water resistant, are not as compressible and therefore heavier in weight. The beauty of down is that it creates air pockets that trap warm air within a polyester or nylon material. This is created by using the fuzzy underside of duck and goose feathers, which if not contained in the right material, can escape with small tears or rips in the fabric. The best down winter jackets in Canada use 100% nylon. It is a strong material and will ensure the down stays where it should – inside the coat, keeping you warm! Duck eggs and meat are in high demand compared to goose feathers, making them more accessible, and more affordable. Goose feathers come with a better reputation for fill power, (or warmth.) Fill power is the insulation rating down is given and an excellent rating is around 750. The best men’s down winter jackets sold in Canada use duck down and have this rating. 

Staple of Any Wardrobe in Canada

Owning a good winter jacket is essential for Canadians and should be a staple in any man’s closet! Most will start their shopping online; but where to start with so many e-retailers on the web? Start with companies that are Canadian-based and use all Canada-made materials. These are higher quality and are effective in protecting you from the harsh winter climate. Also, buying Canadian means minimizing the carbon footprint on the environment by reducing transportation needs. 

Great Canadian online retailers offer free shipping from coast to coast and boast reasonable return policies. Check out sites that offer free swatch sample services. This is how it works: if you see a jacket you like, you can request a swatch of the material making sure its quality meets your expectations. And of course, the colour matches your wardrobe! 

With the best men’s down winter jackets, you don’t have to brave winter in Canada – you can embrace it. Live life to its fullest this season with a great down-filled jacket that will last years to come.

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